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Give Back Välgörenhet Gambia Valfri Gåva

Optional Donation


We at Give back believe in giving everyone an opportunity to donate regardless of their financial circumstances. Therefore, we have an alternative where you can donate any amount from 15 SEK.

  • Background

    To be able to get help from everyone, we need to ensure everyone's conditions to help. Therefore, we have 15 SEK as the only limit for donating and are enormously grateful for everything we receive.

  • Content

    You who donate an optional gift will be sent directly to our Swish page where you will receive instructions on how you can carry out your donation step by step. Click here to proceed.

  • Follow-up

    Give backs promise is to send follow-up letters to everyone who has given us money so you can see how your gift has made a real difference. We support local entrepreneurship as far as possible and buy everything on site.

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