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Give Back Välgörenhet Gambia Sjukhusmaterial

The healthcare package


The healthcare package gives each doctor the opportunity he or she needs to maintain his or her sworn medical record. No one should be denied due to lack of materials, medicine and / or consumables.

  • Background

    It is not uncommon for the poorer, local hospitals to lack basic materials such as dressings, clean bedding and similar parts of healthcare that we in welfare states take for granted.

  • Content

    With the Healthcare Package, you provide a hospital with simpler medicines, bedding, consumables such as plaster and dressings, syringes and materials the doctors need for their examinations.

  • Follow-up

    Give backs promise is to send follow-up letters to everyone who has given us money so you can see how your gift has made a real difference. We support local entrepreneurship as far as possible and buy everything on site.

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