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Give Back Välgörenhet Gambia Mat Till Barnhemmet

The food package


There are the orphanages that are run by international organizations and those that "happened to be" orphanages. These are very vulnerable and the children are not guaranteed food for the day but you can make a difference!

  • Background

    It can be difficult to read this, but children in vulnerable orphanages need to look for food themselves. The children go to places like local landfills where they go through open packaging for leftover food.

  • Content

    With the Food Package, we provide the selected orphanage with a food supply that is enough to satiate all the home's small children's stomachs for a week. For food storage for a longer period, contact us.

  • Follow-up

    Give backs promise is to send follow-up letters to everyone who has given us money so you can see how your gift has made a real difference. We support local entrepreneurship as far as possible and buy everything on site.

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