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Give Back Välgörenhet Gambia Terapi För Kvinnor

The women's package


Women's rights are not a priority in Gambia and many violent crimes against women are never investigated. No compensation for crime victims is distributed either, but the Women's Package can help.

  • Background

    The women's package gives a vulnerable girl or woman the opportunity to review unprocessed trauma together with a female psychologist so that she gets important tools for dealing with her emotions. This package costs a total of SEK 2,000.

  • Content

    Psychologists for registers of girls / women in need of help but who for financial reasons can not complete their treatment. Those with the greatest need are offered 5 sessions with this package.

  • Follow-up

    Give backs promise is to send follow-up letters to everyone who has given us money so you can see how your gift has made a real difference. We support local entrepreneurship as far as possible and buy everything on site.

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