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Give Back Välgörenhet Gambia Förnödenheter Till Barnhemmet

The Orphanage Decides


The decision packages are specially developed to give selected bodies the opportunity to decide for themselves how gifts are to be spent. This is because we know that they are the ones who have the best control over the needs.

  • Background

    The orphanage always has a priority list. Those who handle administration and finances know which actions are at the top of the list and are often best suited to see where your gift makes the most difference.

  • Content

    The decision package for orphanages usually goes to food, clothes and if there is money left over, you can hire someone to come out and teach the children to count. The only teaching material that is included in orphanages is Koran teaching.

  • Follow-up

    Give backs promise is to send follow-up letters to everyone who has given us money so you can see how your gift has made a real difference. We support local entrepreneurship as far as possible and buy everything on site.

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